All Things Covid-19

Our Church’s Response to COVID-19

To the Saints of New Destiny Baptist Church and our Visitors, Greetings, in the Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I pray that you are well as God leads us through our present situation. As decisions are being made in an effort to open various institutions and businesses, please know that the opening of New Destiny Baptist Church will be governed by events, to ensure the well-being of all who enter the facility for corporate worship, as opposed to a date on the calendar. Plans, as well as the initiation of those plans, have commenced and will continue until the appropriate level of sanitation as well as products and resources is attained in order to provide every member and visitor with a safe environment in which to do the work of the ministry.  Updates will be provided on the church website and other communication means as situations warrant. I ask your indulgence as all is made ready. Your spiritual and physical health is our deepest concern.

In the meantime, I encourage you to continue to worship God where you are. As you know, our “reasonable service” to our Heavenly Father, is by no means restricted to a building. As you “present your bodies a living sacrifice” by sharing the gospel, strengthening those who are weak, speaking words of comfort to others, and just being there, even virtually, you will find that what you do will be “acceptable.”

I am grateful to the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ for each of you. May He continue to bless you mightily.

in His vineyard


CDC’s main COVID-19 website:

Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 website:

Governor’s COVID-19 website: