Spring 2020 Bible Study Session

“Journey Into Fearless Living (Life of Joshua)

This 13-week series delve into the life of Joshua. Not once does he show any fear of doing God’s will. Not once does the Bible record anything he intentionally did contrary to God’s will.

Lesson titles include: Developing Fearless Faith, Experiencing a Miracle, Maintaining Fearless Faith, Experiencing God, Facing Your “Jerichos,” Avoiding Sin, Turning Blunders Into Blessings, Making Good Decisions, Maintaining Your Integrity, Finishing Life Well, Finding Refuge, Staying on Track Spirituallyetc.

If you wish to purchase materials please email: manager.ndbc@outlook.com by May 6th. Both morning and evening classes will start on Wednesday, May 20th. The cost is $7.00 for adults and $3.00 for seniors. We will make arrangements for payments/distribution.