Moses Bible Study

Winter 2020 Bible Study Session

Journey into Intimacy with God – the study of the life of Moses”

This is a 13-lesson study of the life of Moses. No one in the Old Testament demonstrates an intimate relationship with God better than Moses. Lesson titles include: Drawing Closer to God, Excuses We Give for Not Serving God, The Danger of Not Listening to God, How To Be Blessed Greatly by God, When You’re “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” How God Increases Our Faith, Resources for Winning Life’s Battles, Ten Principles for Successful Relationships, How To Avoid Sin, Getting a Glimpse of God’s Glory, Defeating Discouragement, and How To Be Close to God Forever.

Winter Bible Study is held EVERY Wednesday @10:30 a.m. & also 7:30 p.m. following Prayer & Praise @7:00 p.m.