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Past Trips

Haiti Mission Trip – October 2018
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Haiti Mission Trip – October 20-28, 2016

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November 8, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,

I wish to update you on Go Ye Ministry Foundation efforts to help Haiti recover from the devastating destruction of hurricane Matthew and to thank you for your prayers and gifts of compassion. Without them, Go Ye Ministry Foundation would not have been able to react swiftly and effectively to help hundreds who are homeless, injured, hungry and thirsty.


For eight days, the team was literal the hands and feet of Christ Jesus.  Whether in comforting an injured child or giving rice, beans, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, cookies, cakes, candy, medicine, clothes, eye glasses, emergency funds or tarps to families who lost their homes and belongings. God was in the mix for changing lives and bringing real hope to those in need.

Ongoing needs

day-4-first-day-homeless-visit-and-fellowship-oct-22-2016-10Healing and Hope for Haiti.   When we left Les Cayes, Haiti, children were playing in the streets, old men were rebuilding their homes, replacing roofs, and women were selling produce in the streets and at the markets. Everyone had a sense that they would survive by God’s grace to see another day and, despite their pain and loss they found the strength to carry on.

The ongoing needs are tremendous. What broke our hearts were seeing children and families with no makeshift house to go to, or living day-by-day in the street. Most have lost their homes and are forced to live in deplorable conditions such as cardboard, metal sheeting, plastic or whatever they can find. Go Ye Ministry will continue to provide emergency food, water, funds, hope and spiritual support. Hurricane Matthew has provided a second disaster to the people of Haiti.   Many of the residents have become isolated due to inaccessible roads from Port-Au-Prince, from which they receive 60% of their food. Families are literally starving as they wait for food and water to arrive.

Post Hurricane Team: Les Cayes: Stories from the field

day-8-the-team-october-27-2016The chaos and agony reported by the media does little justice to the suffering of the people of Haiti. By God’s grace, we came and successfully fed and comforted many children and families.  Our team and friends in Les Cayes were able to address many needs.  We prepared food for several areas, we distributed hospital supplies, we provided funds and we showed the love of Christ Jesus.

The recovery from this calamity is only the beginning; the road for Haiti is sure to be long. Yet, as the Haitian proverb says, “Many hands make the load lighter.”

So, you may ask, how was our trip to Haiti? Fast? Good? Sad? Chaotic? Happy? Tiring? Productive? Successful? All of these adjectives can be used, but none of alone can fully capture the experience. It was unequivocally fulfilling.  Your kindness has answered many prayers of the people of Haiti.  Our hands were simply instruments guided by your love.  We are grateful you found us worthy to bring the miracle of “you” to those who, as one victim said, “felt that they were left all alone in this world.”  Not so God says!

Rev. Dr. Fritz Raymond

Chairman, Go Ye Ministry Foundation, Inc.
Minister, NDBC

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. — Mark 16:15

Ndsc_0059ew Destiny has been on nine foreign missions trips since it opened its doors in 2010. The first 2010 team was a group of six that went to Haiti and a team of eight went to South Africa. In 2011 a team of eight went to Haiti. In 2012 a team of seven went to South Africa, a team of ten went to Haiti and a team of four went to Panama. In 2013 a team of two went to Panama and a team of nine went to Haiti. In 2014 a team of fourteen went to Haiti and in 2016 a team of six.

While on these mission trips we equip saints, fellowship within the communities, build houses, support orphanages, support senior citizen homes, feed the homeless, clothed the naked, feed and have Bible study in neighborhoods, go door to door with the Word of God, pray for those in need, visit people in the jails and hospitals, support three schools and supply much needed work equipment throughout the different areas.

Locally we fellowship with two nursing homes, Spring Arbor and Falls Run Rehabilitation/Nursing Home and feed at Thurman Brisben homeless shelter.

We are so grateful for your donations towards our mission work. Donations can be made online at https://my.simplegive.com/g3/h/ and select “MISSION FUND” in the drop down menu. For more information about our missions, volunteering and donations, please contact Rev. Sparkle Raymond, 540-623-6336 or sparkle.raymond@park.edu.