1st Annual “I Have a Dream” Career Day

We held our 1st Annual “I Have a Dream” Career Day on January 13, 2018.

The purpose of this event was to broaden the perspective of our youth regarding future careers while looking to God for guidance in choosing the appropriate career path. Below are video clips and photos of the speakers, from all walks of life, telling how God has blessed them with their career choices.

Thank you to all of our speakers and vendors who participated to make the event a successful one!

Sgt. Rashawn Cowles – Fredericksburg City Police

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Ebony Robinson – Chancellor High School Teacher

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Dr. Theron Stinar – Fredericksburg Christian Health Center

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Major Keystella Mitchell – United States Marine Corps

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Chris Childs – Verizon Vice President Mid Atlantic

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Xavier Richardson – Executive Vice President

Corporate Development and Community Affairs for Mary Washington
Healthcare & President of Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital Foundation

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Delphine White – Hair Stylist

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Dr. Eugene Triplett – Pharmacist

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Jay Fox – FBI Electronic Technician

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Additional photos of the event

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